Our Difference

QuantumPostcards is an online, quick-order storefront brought to you by QuantumDigital - the brand small business owners and real estate professionals have trusted since 1986 to make targeted direct marketing simple and fast.

By combining 24-hour turnaround speed, easy-to-use tools, mailing list services, and an affordable turnkey approach, QuantumPostcards helps businesses and marketing professionals target their marketing and reach customers faster. All of QuantumDigital’s products and services, including QuantumPostcards, are backed by the company’s WOW Guarantee

Our Guiding Principles

QuantumDigital, Inc.—founded as Quantum Systems in 1986—has grown and evolved over the years; however, our guiding principles remain the same.

Fairness: We take the time to ensure everything we do is fair to the customer. We believe in making things right, not just good enough. If there’s ever a disagreement about what’s fair, we will always ask how we can make it right. We strongly believe that your satisfaction is our success.

Quality: We are committed to delivering the highest-quality products and services on time, on target and on budget. We guarantee our products and services 100 percent. If something isn’t right, we will refund your money or redo the work, period.

Integrity: At QuantumDigital, we believe business value means more than lowering costs and driving productivity. It means we always treat our customers, partners and associates with complete respect and honesty. Building our customers’ trust is just as important as building their businesses.

Commitment: We grow our business by focusing on our customers’ long-term success. From individual entrepreneurs to large enterprises, we are committed to understanding and meeting all of our customers’ needs. We do it with unbeatable customer support, round-the-clock quality assurance and industry-leading technology that deliver the best possible results on time.



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