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10 Helpful Design Blogs

April 21, 2014

10 design blogs

Your postcard designs don’t have to be fancy or overly complex to get your message across to your audience. Applying some basic design standards can make the difference between a postcard that gets noticed, or one that gets trashed without a second glance. A working knowledge of color modes, typography and file formats is also necessary to ensure you’re on the same page with your print provider. Here’s a list of 10 inspirational print and design blogs to help you on your way to becoming a postcard design superstar!

  1. The Canva Blog
  2. For Print Only 
  3. From Up North 
  4. The Design Blog 
  5. Print 
  6. CMYKern 
  7. PsPrint 
  8. How Design 
  9. Eye 
  10. Design is Fine