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3 Great Ways Direct Mail Campaigns Can Be Used To Drive Online Traffic

May 12, 2017

In a world where digital technology has changed everything, the power of direct mail marketing is often overlooked – and that’s a shame, because direct mail marketing is one of the single most powerful marketing tools available to modern businesses.

Think about it. Do you read every email you get? Probably not. But do you sort through every package, postcard, letter, and envelope you get in the mail? That’s what we thought! 77% of all people sort through their mail as soon as they get it, according to Epsilon.

Compare that to the average open rate of an email newsletter (around 20%, according to MailChimp), and you can see why direct mail is so powerful.

Direct mail is even more powerful when combined with a smart online strategy, because offering addition information online gives your audience an opportunity to learn more about your brand. Using direct mail to drive online conversations and conversions is a good way to optimize your marketing investment. Let’s take a look at the top three ways that direct mail campaigns can be used to drive online traffic.

1. Special Promotions

Everybody likes free stuff. If you send a direct mail postcard with a coupon or another special promotion that can only be redeemed online, you’re likely to convert quite a few recipients into online customers, and drive traffic to your website.

This is a powerful way to gain new customers who may not normally respond to direct mail. Most people prefer to interact with businesses online – and giving them a reason to visit your website for a discount or a free item increases the odds of converting these people to leads or paying customers. Direct mail is highly effective for awareness campaigns, like a billboard for example, but unlike some offline marketing vehicles, direct mail’s success is easily measurable when coupled with online tools.

2. Social Media Contests

Direct mail is a great way to run social media contest campaigns. If you have a limited social media following and web presence, it can be difficult to “bootstrap” a social media contest. However, a direct mail postcard announcing the details of a social media contest – along with the prizes offered for participation – is likely attract the attention of the recipient and hopefully help you gain a new follower for your social media page.

These sorts of contests can help you boost your social media presence, increase your follower counts, and drive traffic to your website, dramatically improving your online presence in multiple ways.

3. Free Premium Content

Did we mention that everybody likes free stuff? Offering free, valuable content through direct mail campaigns is a great way to boost brand engagement, particularly in service-based industries like real estate.

If you run a real estate agency, for example, you could send out direct mail postcards announcing that your “Step-By-Step Guide To Selling Real Estate” is free on your website – for a limited time! Interested homeowners are likely to take advantage of your offer and download your guide – boosting engagement with your website, and helping you gain more leads.

Direct Mail Campaigns Can Be Used To Boost Online Engagement

98% of people check their mail every day, according to a study by Pitney Bowes. – that fact alone should be enough to get you interested in the power of direct mail marketing.

So use the power of direct mail marketing to grow your business, and drive online traffic – get in touch with QuantumPostcards today, and see how your company can benefit from a smartly-targeted direct mailing campaign.