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3 Reasons to Send Direct Mail in May

May 4, 2015

May is here and with that come many reasons to reach out to your customer base and reconnect with them.

Maintaining your flow of business throughout the summer months can be a struggle, but with the right custom postcards you can acquire new customers, and keep your existing patrons interested and steadily supporting your business all summer long.

Discover the three reasons why you should be sending direct mail postcards in May.

Use the warmer weather to your business's advantage

Does your business sell a product or service? In the month of May, temperatures rise which can provide you with many valuable opportunities to market your business with direct mail.

Use custom postcards to remind your customers of the additional upkeep their homes or yards will need in the summer heat. From landscaping and pest control to home improvements and repairs, homes and properties need more servicing in hotter months and by reminding your customers of your business, you will be at top of mind when they need your product or service.

If your business hours change in the summer, be sure to include that information in your postcards so that your customers are prepared and aware.

Implement a holiday deal or sale

Memorial Day is May 25 and another reason to send custom postcards to your customers and clients.

Use this national holiday to offer a special deal or sale to new and existing customers that will help drive traffic to your store for the duration of the month. This will help grow your customer base and ensure that your existing customers are engaged and reminded of your business.

If your business is closed on Memorial Day, be sure to mention that in your postcards and inform the customer of when they are able to redeem your offer.

Give your customers peace of mind while on vacation

During the month of May many families go on vacation or take time off to enjoy the summer. This can be a great opportunity to remind your customers of the peace of mind your products or services provide while they are away from home.

For example, let’s say you are the proud owner of a local landscaping company. You may decide to send a customized postcard to your customers offering them a “Buy 1 get 1 FREE” service that they may redeem and schedule while on vacation.

This kind of offer can be great piece of mind for homeowners and families who are worried about their homes while away, and can help your business earn credibility and trust with customers.

Another great example of an offer that gives peace of mind would be if you own a home security company and promote a security camera installation special for the summer. This way, homeowners can view their home while away and feel that their home and valuables are safe and secure.

Remind your customers of how your business can help them during the summer and you can grow your customer base in the month of May and stay connected with them all summer long.

Get started with your custom postcards, today!