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3 Tips That Will Make Your Direct Mail More Relevant for Recipients

February 16, 2015

Using a segmented mailing list offers more than just the ability to tailor your copy to each audience. From location to purchase history, one of the best ways to make your direct mail campaign more effective is by subtly referencing why people receive it.

From including a map of your nearest retail location to referencing a customer’s last purchase, there are several ways to make your direct mail message more relevant to a prospect, increasing its response rate and return on investment.

This strategy is used extensively online, particularly by retailers like Amazon. Email messages that list a customer’s previous purchases and recommend other products perform to a remarkably higher standard than generic marketing email broadcasts.

In this guide, we’ll share three ways you can make your direct mail campaign more relevant for recipients and more profitable for your business by subtly referencing why they’re receiving the piece.


Reference a customer’s purchase history

If your business sells a wide range of different products, referencing a customer’s purchase history in your direct mail postcard is a great way to connect with them and offer complementary products.

For example, customers that purchased winter jackets from your clothing store are likely to want other winter clothes. Reach out to them via direct mail with clothing recommendations, such as scarves, gloves, and other winter clothing and accessories.

This makes your direct mail more relevant to the prospect’s needs, increasing the likelihood of them purchasing your complementary products or services. This strategy is also ideal for upselling products and services based on a customer’s purchase history.


Reference something a prospect owns

If you’re using a segmented list that includes information on something a prospect owns – for example, a list of people with swimming pools – you can reference this item to make your copy feel more targeted and personal.

Write in the second person and use pronouns like “you” and “your” to create a clear mental picture in the prospect’s mind related to the item they own and how you can provide additional value related to it.

If your company offers a pool cleaning service, for example, write copy that directly references the prospect’s pool:

“Our cleaning service will keep your pool clean and clear – the perfect escape from the summer heat.”

Directly referencing something that the prospect owns, especially in the second person, makes your copy far more direct and actionable than if it only describes your product or service.


Include a location close to the prospect’s home

If your list is segmented based on location, you can include directions to the nearest retail store to make your direct mail postcard more useful and actionable for people that receive it.

Including specific details about the prospect’s location – for example, “Our Elm Grove location is just a few minute’s away!” – subtly signals to recipients that you’re close to their home and a convenient choice in their neighborhood.

The idea of driving a long way to your store is one of the most common objections in direct marketing. Neutralize it ahead of time by including your nearest location and showing recipients how convenient it is to shop with you.


How can you make your next campaign more relevant?

From referencing a prospect’s purchase history to including a map of your nearest retail location, there are lots of ways to use your segmented list’s data to make your direct mail postcards more relevant and engaging for recipients.

What variable can your business reference in its next direct mail campaign to make its messaging as relevant and effective as possible?