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4 Ways Jumbo Postcards Can Help Boost Business

July 8, 2013

Jumbo postcards have the ability to stand out in mailboxes and get noticed. Simply due to their size, they demand more attention than a standard postcard and are less likely to get lost in the pile of mass–produced coupon mailers most consumers receive on a daily basis. Using this medium in unexpected and interesting ways can increase the probability that a business will make a lasting impression on existing and prospective customers.


Here are some ways you can use jumbo postcards as part of your local marketing strategy to positively affect business and foster customer loyalty:


Boost traffic to your website or social media properties online


Relying on digital advertising and search engine optimization techniques alone to drive business to your website can be an ineffective and costly endeavor. Direct mail postcards can help you target local prospects that are not finding your business online through search. Use jumbo postcards to invite audiences to visit your blog, website, or social media profiles. Be sure to include a compelling reason for them to do so, like access to valuable information or a promotional offer.


social media direct mail


Share a video with your target audience


No longer is direct mail a static marketing tool. By utilizing innovative digital technologies, such as QR codes, marketers can deliver an interactive experience through direct mail to consumers. Add a QR code on your postcard that leads recipients to a video testimonial, a video profile of your business or product or service, or other information that can enhance their experience (all while leading them further down the sales funnel).



Collect testimonials to bolster your business listing profile


Positive customer testimonials and ratings on sites like Yelp, Google Places, and Facebook can play a major role developing new business. Strong listing profiles can help businesses move up in search engine results and influence the decision–making process of people that are actively searching online for specific products and services. So, encouraging satisfied customers to post reviews and rate your business on these sites can offer great ROI.


Start by identifying top performing and repeat customers. Then, invite them to share their experience with others on the web. Print the URL of your business listing page on the jumbo postcard mailer. Motivate action by including an incentive (a discount on a service, free product upgrade, etc) for taking the time to post a review.


Build loyalty with anniversary and/or appreciation mailings


Sometimes, all a customer needs to keep on coming back to your business is a bit of appreciation. A simple ‘thanks’ can do wonders for keeping customers happy and getting them to refer others to your business.  Sending a note of thanks or an offer to a customer directly after purchase will reinforce a positive message associated with your brand. Similarly, you can help forge a customer’s memory of your brand by  scheduling quarterly or yearly mailings—staying in front of them regularly.


As with any direct mail campaign, follow best practices to ensure you get the best results possible.