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5 Challenges Facing Today’s Marketers — and How to Solve Them with Direct Mail

February 14, 2020

The one constant of marketing is that it’s always changing! With new technologies introduced at seemingly every turn, and best practices always shifting, it can be hard to stay on top of it all. To help, we’ve listed below a few of the challenges we’ve observed as they relate to the modern marketer, and how direct mail postcards provide the solution.


Studies show 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences. There’s no doubt about it: personalization is important for the modern marketer, but implementing is often easier said than done.

How direct mail can help:

Direct mail has a 5% response rate for prospects lists. What do high response rates mean? More data for better personalization! To secure digital data about the recipients of your direct mail postcards, be sure to include a link to a campaign-specific webpage in your mailer, as well as a lead generation form on the web page to gather additional information about your prospects. Use that data for more personalized and purposeful marketing outreach across all channels.

Keeping Up with New Tech.

Staying in step with ever-shifting technological expectations can be daunting. From emerging social media channels to ever-changing algorithms, “what’s working” with marketing changes seemingly everyday.

How direct mail can help:

In a world of constant “new” with digital, marketing postcards remain a tried-and-true. But we love digital, too! One of the best parts about direct mail is that it works particularly well when paired with online marketing strategies. In fact, according to this study, a combination of both email and direct mail marketing produced higher financial than either channel produced alone. Caveat: this study was conducted in the UK, but the results are in line with what’s generally recognized by U.S. marketers.

Standing Out.

Let’s be real. Marketing nowadays is cluttered. While industry professionals haven’t nailed down exactly how many ads the average modern American sees per day, let’s just say it’s a really high number. It takes a lot to make your marketing “stick” in the minds of your audience.

How direct mail can help:

Marketing postcards are memorable — there’s just something about being able to hold a mailer in your hand. How much of your direct mail do you at least open to see what’s inside? Now compare that anecdotal open rate to your email inbox. Case in point.

Fine-Tuning the Perfect Balance of Great Copy and Great Design.

This challenge has been faced by marketers and advertisers for decades — how to best marry design and copy to produce results? But modern ads must make their mark on tiny phone screens and in the margins of social media newsfeeds. It’s tough out there.

How direct mail can help:

Direct mail postcards provide marketers with more space to play. As we’ve discussed, when compared to other channels, direct mail stands out and garners high response rates. What better channel to A/B test the perfect combination of copy and design?

The Trouble with Lists.

As fellow marketers, we know that meaningful connections with your audience are key. But to do that, you have to have the latest info on your audience in order to reach them — which can mean hours and hours of list building and checking. Oh, what fun!

How direct mail can help:

If you desire to reach a prospective audience, it doesn’t get much easier than using a targeted mail list. With QuantumPostcards’ targeted lists, for example, you can reach your ideal audience, narrowing campaigns to be sent to specific individuals based on geographic location, occupation, estimated household income, and multiple other demographic and lifestyle filters.

Final Thoughts.

There you have it — 5 challenges we’ve observed with today’s modern marketer and how marketing postcards can help solve them. If you’re ready to get started with a direct mail campaign of your own, check out our postcard mailing capabilities. We wish you all the success in the world as you endeavor to be the best marketer you can be and produce results for your business or organization!