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5 Ways Direct Mail Can Help Drive Traffic Online

June 24, 2013

Social media networking and marketing through interactive channels such as search, email and online ads are great. Planned properly and backed by strong marketing strategy, businesses can leverage the power of the web to quickly disseminate information, obtain customer feedback and generate new leads. Sometimes, the only cost is that of time and effort; take Twitter, for example.

I've been hearing about a few companies that are directing all their marketing efforts online; cutting everything that is offline out of their marketing plan and budget. However, just as it's not wise for a business to invest all their financial eggs in one basket or to concentrate solely on one customer, relying on one media channel for advertising and marketing is usually not the smartest or most effective move.

Successful marketers are aware that a multi-channel approach - yes, including direct mail - will help them through tough economic times, deliver more qualified prospects and increase conversions.

Here are some ways you can use direct mail to drive more business to your website:

  1. Make sure you print your website address and links to your social media accounts on each direct mailer.
  2. On your direct mail piece, include a coupon or promotional offer that can only be redeemed by going online.
  3. Launch a direct mail campaign to announce a webinar, online social event or contest.
  4. Ask direct mail recipients to sign up for e-newsletters or to subscribe to your RSS feed.
  5. Use direct mail to say "hello" to your existing customers. Let them know that they can leave comments and provide customer feedback on your website.