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8 Must-Have Elements for Your Next Postcard

March 26, 2015

Is your business just starting to use direct mail as a way to generate new leads, bring in sales and increase revenue? Direct mail postcards can be a great direct marketing choice, but designing your first postcard can often be a challenge.

Whether you’re hiring a designer to create your postcards for you or designing them yourself, it’s important that your business postcards include several essential design elements so that they’re engaging, effective and easy to respond to.

From headlines to social media profiles, we’ve put together a checklist of eight vital design and content elements that your postcard should include. Check off each item as you design your postcard to make sure your campaign is as effective as possible.


Headline (and subheading)

No postcard is complete without a great headline. Your postcard needs to include an engaging, eye-catching headline that communicates the biggest benefit of your offer, product or service to your target audience.

The purpose of your headline is simple: to make recipients give their full attention to your postcard. Use your headline to draw attention to your postcard, then offer additional information using your subheading and copy.


Benefits, not just features

Does your postcard read like a technical manual? Many business owners make the mistake of treating their direct mail postcard as if it’s a list of features, when it’s far more effective to focus on your offer’s benefits.

Instead of listing features, focus on highlighting the benefits of your offer – from its cost-saving effects to the ways it makes life simpler – so that recipients can visualize themselves using your product or service. This increases your product or services value and the recipients interest in your postcard.


Image and caption

Images are hugely important and frequently underutilized direct marketing tools. A good image can showcase your product’s design and highlight aspects that copy on its own can’t explain or draw attention to.

A wide range of images can be used in postcards. If you’re marketing a product, use a high quality image of your product in use. If you’re marketing a service, include an image of your target audience to make your service feel more relevant to them.


Social media profiles

Does your company have a social media presence? If you’re active on Facebook or Twitter, include your URL or username (alternatively, you can include a scannable QR code) to make it as easy as possible for your target audience to keep in touch.


Company logo

Even if the goal of your campaign is to generate leads and sales, including your logo in your direct mail postcard design is a great way to improve brand recognition and make people more aware of your business.


Contact information

Once recipients have finished reading your postcard’s copy, how can they contact your business? Include several forms of contact information, from your company’s phone number to your local store address or website URL.


Driving directions

If you’re marketing to a local audience and want to generate in-store visits, consider including a small map or driving directions in your custom postcards. This makes it easier for your target audience to visit your store in person and claim your offer.


Engaging copy

Headlines and subheadings catch your target audience’s attention and give them a reason to keep reading. Engaging copy moves your target audience from interested to convinced and ready to claim your offer.

When you’re writing copy for your business postcards, put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and make sure your copy is as relevant, engaging and descriptive as possible. Great copy can have a huge positive effect on your response rate.


Does your postcard include all eight essential elements?

Does your postcard include all of the essential elements listed above, or is it missing an important element that’s essential for direct mail success? Before you print your direct mail postcards, use the list above to make sure they’re 100% ready to send.