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Amplify Your Direct Mail Campaign With Retail Posters Using Canva

April 2, 2015

Has your business recently sent out a direct mail campaign? While direct mail can be an incredibly powerful and effective marketing channel on its own, it becomes even more effective when it’s paired with matching in-store signage.

Promotional posters, brochures, and other accessories that match your direct mail campaign form what’s known as an integrated marketing campaign, which has its own consistent message and identity.

By designing in-store posters that match your direct mail campaign, both in look and in message, you connect with customers as soon as they step into your store, leading to an improved response rate and a higher ROI from every campaign.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a professional designer to create an effective, eye-catching poster for your retail store. Learn how you can create a poster using the online design tool Canva to perfectly match your direct mail campaign:


Creating your canvas

Canva offers a range of ready-made canvases, but none of them are quite the right size for a poster. Start by clicking “Use Custom Dimensions” and choosing a size for your retail poster. To use the same dimensions as our example, enter 24 inches by 36 inches.

Once your canvas has been created, it’s time to add a background. In our example, we’ve used a plain white background. Pick a color that matches the color scheme that you’ve used in your direct mail campaign for optimum consistency.

Adding images 

Images are the key to an effective retail poster. Most people that stop to read your poster will first notice its images, then move on to the text. This makes choosing an eye-catching image essential.

One of the best ways to make sure your poster catches your target customer’s eye is to use an image that they’re already familiar with. If you used a great image for your direct mail postcards, try using the same image for your retail poster. 

In our example, we’ve chosen a picture of black women’s boots to advertise a clearance sale for leather footwear. Choose an image that’s eye-catching and visually interesting, but still related to your product or service.


Adding text

Every great poster needs a great headline. Your headline is the first thing people will read when viewing your poster, so it’s important for it to communicate the value that you’re offering through your product, service, or offer.

Remember that your headline’s goal is to draw people’s attention and communicate value, not to describe your offer. Use your subheading to expand on your offer, just like we have in our example with “70% off all leather boots.”

If your offer needs further explanation, add some body copy below your subheading so that prospective customers fully understand what you’re offering. In our example poster, we’ve added the date of the sale so that visitors know when to come back.


Finishing touches

Every aspect of your poster, from your color scheme to the fonts you use, will have an impact on its response rate. Choose suitable fonts and colors that match the ones you’ve used in your direct mail campaign to achieve the best return on investment.