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May 2013

Whitepaper: Three Great Ways to Use Direct Mail for Lead Generation (pdf)

May 27, 2013

Building Leads

Direct mail can be used in a multitude of ways to generate leads for a small business or real estate brokerage. There are three basic and proven ways to leverage the power of direct mail and postcard marketing to capture the attention of prospects and current customers. One is to spread your message or offer offline, with direct mail, to lead recipients online. A few ways to do this are to use a direct mail postcard to announce a special online contest or event, offer an online coupon, request online ratings and reviews of products and services, and learn more about an audience by directing them to online surveys. The second way is to pre-qualify leads using direct mail. This can be done by offering an online coupon or announcing a contest. Requiring an email address and other basic qualifying information in exchange for these items can be a great way to gather more information about an audience. Finally, nurture your leads by setting up a schedule of consistent postcard mailings.