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November 2015

Lesser Known Lucrative Careers for Specific Personalities

November 18, 2015

Whether you're considering your career path or looking to make a career change, deciding what career is best for you can be overwhelming and even intimidating. It takes self reflection and an understanding of your strengths to point you in the right direction, but sometimes there are less obvious job options that you may not know to consider. If you're called to travel or you love math, there are ways to make a living using your talents. If you love what you do, you will do it well and the success will follow. QuantumPostcards salutes the entrepreneurs and business people who follow their dreams. We encourage you to push through doubt and make things happen.

How to Combine Your Direct Mail Campaign with Your Digital Strategy

November 16, 2015

It goes without saying that marketing can make or break a business, as it is essentially the business' voice to its intended audience. Therefore, marketing is instrumental in getting your company recognition within your industry.

Regardless of industry, business today can be a minefield fraught with obstacles that need to be overcome and/or negotiated. One of the best tools any company has in their arsenal for competing effectively is their marketing department. However, marketing is a multi-faceted bow with a multitude of different components that all need to work in perfect harmony to be truly successful in driving your company's brand awareness and revenue forward.