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Counter Your Competition With an Irresistible Offer

April 30, 2015

As discussed in our last blog post, it’s important to understand your businesses competition and create offers that keep your customers engaged and loyal to your business.

From incentives and rewards to special offers and sales, customized postcards are a wonderful way to keep your clients and customers interested and coming back for more.

There’s another advantage to sending postcards that many people do not consider. When planning how to position your business against your competitors, direct mail can be your best bet. Learn how to counter your competition with an irresistible offer using direct mail postcards.

Be unpredictable

A major advantage to countering your competition using postcards is that your rival businesses will not be aware of your offer until your postcards have been mailed out and received by your customers. So in other words, by the time they figure out what kind of special deal you’re sending your patrons, it’s practically too late for them to craft a similar offer.

This can help your business stay ahead of the game with seasonal specials or sales that might be common depending on the nature of your business.

Why direct mail?

Today, consumers are overwhelmed with email offers and digital advertisements. While email has become the popular but overused marketing tool, direct mail is still the underappreciated method that always produces results.

Avoid going digital when sending a special offer to counter your competition. It’s likely that competing businesses will use email to reach customers because it’s easy to use and can be completed and sent within minutes. Using direct mail postcards to send your offer will not only yield a higher open rate and ROI, but it will help to create trust and build brand loyalty between you and the customer.

Snail mail at its finest

Many business owners would prefer to send a special deal via email due to how quickly customers can receive the offer and act on it. The downside to that is that your competition can learn about your offer just as fast and craft a similar, or better one, in no time.

Using direct mail postcards to send out your irresistible offer allows you to be covert in your marketing efforts so that your competition is unaware of the great offer you’re sending to patrons until the recipients have received your mailer.

Customized postcards are a very effective way to get customers to open, read, and act on your offer while staying ahead of your competition. While many businesses will use email to send special offers to customers, you will get a better return on investment and create trust and brand loyalty by sending your offer via direct mail.

Get started creating your custom postcards, today!