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Customer Postcard Spotlight: Announcing a New Location

August 20, 2015


Getting the word out about a new location or a grand opening is key to business success. Marketing campaigns like these benefit most from messages that are relevant, timely, and convenient to the audience. One way to ensure your message gets to the right people is through direct mail marketing.

Especially when announcing a new location, you can capitalize on reaching the homes within driving distance as well as filtering down to specific demographics that have interest in your product or service. For example, when Evans Dermatology opened two additional locations, they used direct mail postcards to inform families within a 5 - 10 mile radius that they could now receive professional dermatology care close to home. When setting these specific parameters, they were able to tell them how close by they are, communicating relevance and convenience.

When designing your postcard, try to focus only on the announcement without overselling and cluttering your messaging. In addition to noting the drive time to your business, another suggestion is to also include a simplified map for a visual representation. Although the objective of the campaign was to create awareness, Evans Dermatology knows the importance of including a call to action, which for them was a free skincare product for anyone who came in and presented the postcard.

This neighborhood marketing strategy can be applied to any retail business to create awareness and get local residents calling or walking through the door.