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Discover the Right Kind of Mailing List for Your Postcard Campaign

May 18, 2015

Targeting is one of the most important aspects of any direct mail campaign. Deliver your content to the right audience and you’ll experience excellent results. Deliver it to the wrong audience and you’ll achieve very little, regardless of your message.

As a marketer, you have a wide range of targeting options to choose from. You can mail to an entire area, mail based on consumer demographics, or even mail to B2B prospects using a targeted list of business records.

By choosing the right type of mailing list, you can mail to people that are most likely to respond to your message while leaving out recipients that aren’t likely to respond to your offer. A great list is often the driving force behind a great campaign.

Are you unsure which type of mailing list is ideal for your direct mail campaign? Learn about the four different types of mailing list that you can choose for your next direct mail postcard campaign.


Consumer Mailing Lists                                                                                 

Do you offer a product or service targeted at consumers? A consumer mailing list is a list that’s made up entirely of residential names and addresses. Consumer mailing lists offer a huge degree of demographic, financial, and lifestyle filtering options.

Using a consumer mailing list, you can filter your target audience to reach people in a specific income bracket, families with children, college graduates, RV owners, or a wide range of other different demographics.

These in-depth targeting options make consumer mailing lists a great choice if you need to reach a very specific target audience without mailing your custom postcards to people unlikely to respond to your offer.

You can learn more about the custom demographic options available for consumer mailing lists at our Consumer Mailing Lists page.


Business Mailing Lists

Do you offer a product or service aimed at businesses? Business mailing lists let you target your direct mail postcard campaign towards a business audience that you can customize using a variety of different filters.

Some of the targeting options for business mailing lists include a company’s credit rating, its number of employees, sales volume, or office square footage. You can also mail to all businesses within a certain geographic area to reach a larger audience.

Since B2B sales depend on targeting a highly relevant, responsive audience, using a business mailing list is a great way to ensure your sales team doesn’t waste any time on leads and prospects that are unlikely to become clients or customers.

You can learn more about the custom demographic options available for business mailing lists at our Business Mailing Lists page.


New Mover Mailing Lists

People rarely avoid shopping after moving into a new property. From furniture and décor to renovations and appliances, new movers are highly responsive to offers for products and services that can improve the place they live.

New mover mailing lists include people who’ve moved into a new property within the previous six months. As with other mailing lists, a variety of targeting options – from the gender of the primary owner to the dwelling type – are available.

If you offer a product or service aimed at people who’ve recently changed address, a new mover mailing list can be an excellent choice for your direct mail campaign. You can learn more about new mover mailing lists at our New Mover Mailing Lists page.


New Homeowner Mailing Lists

New homeowners are highly likely to respond to offers for furniture, home services, renovations and other relevant offers. A new homeowner mailing list lets you target people who’ve recently bought a home, apartment or other property.

Unlike a new mover mailing list, which includes people who’ve moved into a home or apartment in the last six months, a new homeowner mailing list specifically lists people who have purchased their own property.

As with the three other mailing list options, you can customize a new homeowner list based on gender, dwelling type, purchase price, and the date of publication. To learn more, visit our New Homeowner Mailing Lists page.


Which list type suits your offer?

By choosing the right type of list, you can market your offer to an audience that’s far more likely to respond. Of the above four types of mailing list, which is best suited to your product or service?