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How Brochures Can Elevate Your Organization’s Marketing Strategy

February 18, 2019

How do you go about marketing your business or brand? Have you ever considered good old-fashioned brochures as part of your strategy? Far from an antiquated marketing method, brochures have stood the test of time as a valuable tool in any business’s, nonprofit’s or organization’s branding toolkit. Brochures are effective in a wide variety of situations and for a number of audiences, and they’re well worth your consideration when crafting a marketing strategy for your organization.

How to Use Brochures

Leave-behinds. After you’ve met with a new prospect or business lead, leave them with an organizational brochure that details your company’s mission, values, and services. This will help solidify your brand, building on the initial impression you made. Having a brochure on hand encourages new prospects to make informed decisions about working with your company or using your services - and you’re saving them a step by eliminating the need to do their own independent research online. Don’t forget to include appropriate contact information so they can reach out to you if interested.

Point-of-sale. For those with a retail shop or other physical location, leave a few brochures at the cash register or front desk, so people can take them as they walk out the door. Bonus points if your business can include a special offer or discount on the front page of the brochure to capture attention.

Media Fact Sheet. When you have an in-person opportunity to introduce your brand to relevant reporters, a media fact sheet in the form of a brochure is a great way to make a memorable connection. There is no one right way to design a media fact sheet, but a few common components are a letter of introduction, a brief, factual description of your company and products/services, a list of frequently asked questions, and a list of your company’s key executives and their respective titles. Consider also including metrics demonstrating impact, as that can be a great way to present your organization in a visual manner.

Events. Brochures work incredibly well at events or trade shows, where your company likely has a booth with a few staff or sales people who are engaging with passersby to build interest in your product or service. Brochures increase brand recall by giving your audience something to take home with them.

In-person presentations or meetings. If you frequently attend conferences or events where you are speaking or leading a workshop, it’s a good idea bring along brochures to pass out either before or during the presentation. The brochure could include a “worksheet” in your company’s branding that goes along with an activity during the presentation, or it could simply be an overview of your company or organization. Regardless, tangible, visual cues will work well to engage your audience during the presentation.

Direct mail. Brochures are a unique, attention-grabbing piece to send in a direct mail campaign. Another benefit is that you can send brochures to your ideal target audience through direct mail, so you can print as many or as little as you want and send them exactly to the people you want to engage with your piece most.

For these reasons and more, you should consider brochures as a means to elevate the goals and objectives of your business, organization, or nonprofit. Once your brochure is designed, QuantumPostcards offers quality brochure printing, an easy order process, and quick turnaround time for all of your brochure needs, as well as printing and mailing services for postcard marketing. If you’re interested, check out our brochure-printing services today!

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