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How Direct Mail Can Extend Your Multi-Channel Campaign

February 5, 2015

Direct mail marketing has a huge range of benefits. It’s inexpensive, highly targeted and capable of achieving open rates that other direct marketing methods like email marketing simply can’t match.

One of its biggest strengths is its ability to get your message inside someone’s home and keep it there. While email marketing or TV and radio advertising is fleeting and temporary, direct mail can – when used effectively – create a lasting impression.

In this guide, we’ll look at how you can use direct mail to extend the life of a multi-channel campaign and keep your message relevant and interesting to your target audience.

Direct mail puts your brand inside your target audience’s home

For most people, the words “direct mail” are associated with sales letters, postcards and brochures. While direct mail might seem limited to paper, it actually includes a huge range of different marketing and branding options.

Have you ever received a free sample of a product in the mail? Direct mail gives you a chance, as a marketer or small business owner, to put your brand and marketing message inside a prospect’s home.

This doesn’t necessarily need to be a sample – you can mail a custom calendar with your logo and corporate branding in the corner, or even a custom postcard magnet. The right customized piece can help you place your brand inside a prospect’s home.

This increases your brand recognition and warms prospects to your multi-channel marketing efforts. When they next see one of your print or display ads, they’ll know your brand already thanks to the familiarity your magnet or calendar has created.

One of direct mail’s biggest strengths is the fact that it’s physical – something people see in their homes several times after it arrives in the mail. Use this physical aspect of direct mail to complement your print and digital marketing efforts.

Direct mail lets you reach a demographics that aren’t available online

With the right targeting and message, your direct mail campaign can reach people that online marketing can’t. Not everyone is accessible online, and by using direct mail, you can target demographics that aren’t available on Google Adwords or Facebook.

These demographics could include people in specific neighborhoods and areas that are served by your business. They could include past customers that have become dormant and need to be reactivated.

While online marketing is often promoted as the ultimate in targeted marketing, it can often be too broad to be successful. Mailing postcards allows you to target specific people – people that matter the most to your business – with a 100% open rate.

This makes it a great choice for extending the reach of your multi-channel marketing campaign. With the right targeting, direct mail can take your message to an audience that isn’t accessible through display, search or email marketing.

The key to a successful campaign is often scale. By reaching a large target audience, the positive effects of your campaign are greater. Implement direct mail into your multi-channel campaign and you’ll reach a wider range of targeted demographics.

How can you use direct mail to extend your multi-channel campaign?

From carefully targeting your direct mail campaign to reach a specific demographic to sending out custom magnets, calendars and other accessories with your branding, there are lots of ways to extend your campaign’s life and reach using direct mail.

How can your business use direct mail to extend its reach and influence? With the right combination of message and targeting, direct mail can help you get the most out of every multi-channel marketing campaign your business launches.