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How Long Will It Take to Launch Your Direct Mail Campaign? Using Every Door Direct Mail vs QuantumPostcards

September 5, 2014

Time to Launch Direct Mail Campaign

Whether you’ve just launched a new business and want to generate demand or need to increase revenue for your existing company, direct mail is one of the best ways to attract new customers and generate fresh sales leads for your business.

It’s also one of the fastest. Once you’ve worked out your marketing goals, finalized your design and written your copy, you can have direct mail postcards in the mail within 24 hours.

How is such fast turnaround and delivery possible? In this blog post, we’ll compare two direct mail services: the US Postal Service’s untargeted Every Door Direct Mail service and QuantumPostcards.

Launching a campaign with Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail, a service offered by the US Postal Service, lets you send out untargeted direct mail postcards to every address within a specific postal route. It’s a reasonably effective service for offers that appeal to a broad audience.

Unfortunately, launching a direct mail campaign with Every Door Direct Mail isn’t the most efficient process. In order to get your postcard into your loosely defined target audience’s mailboxes, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Design your marketing postcards (or outsource them to a professional)
  • Follow Every Door Direct Mail’s detailed guidelines regarding size, weight and thickness
  • Send your information to the printer and wait for your postcards to arrive
  • Pack your postcards into bundles of 50, each with a unique facing slip
  • Transport your postcards to the post office and pay them to send them

Not exactly a simple process, is it? The entire process can take several weeks and, since you’re probably busy managing more important aspects of your business, it costs you again and again in the price of the service and the opportunity cost.

Launching a campaign with QuantumPostcards

QuantumPostcards is different. It’s a targeted direct mail company that lets you send your postcards to your target demographic without having to worry about postal routes, printing guidelines or anything else.

Launching a direct mail campaign with QuantumPostcards is simple. All you need to do is upload your design, select and target your mailing list (or upload your own, in-house list) and you’re completely finished.

Expecting more to do? After the complicated, time-consuming process of Every Door Direct Mail, most people are. In fact, QuantumDigital, the parent company of QuantumPostcards, makes postcard marketing even easier thanks to the Qcards iPhone app, which lets you initiate a direct mail postcard campaign from your phone.

Once you’ve submitted your design and selected your targeted mailing list, QuantumPostcards takes care of everything else. Color quality, printing, sorting, mailing and all of the other details that typically make direct mail a time-consuming process are refreshingly absent.

Which option sounds best for your business?

Running a business is a full-time job, and fretting over details such as paper weight and post office bundling specifications is something that most business owners, whether small and local or statewide, would rather not have to think about.

Using the US Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail service, you have more active involvement in the postcard production process – involvement that could cost you several weeks before your campaign is finally launched.

With QuantumPostcards, your direct mail postcards are printed and delivered into the mail stream within 24 hours of ordering. It’s a night-and-day difference that no business, from small to big, can ignore.

Time is money, and saving time on your next direct mail postcard can help you focus on what really matters. Which option will you be using for your next postcard direct mail campaign?