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How Targeted Can You Get? Vistaprint vs QuantumPostcards

October 27, 2014

Targeting Direct Mail Vistaprint QuantumPostcards

In direct mail, targeting is everything. No matter how hard-hitting your headline is or how persuasive your copy might be, a campaign sent to the wrong audience will never achieve good results.

There are a variety of ways to target your direct mail campaign, from zip codes and neighborhoods to custom lists of previous customers, people with a specific income or even people of a certain age or gender.

While no targeting method guarantees success, choosing the right type of targeting for your campaign can often be the difference between losing money, breaking even or producing a massive profit.

In this blog post, we’ll compare the targeting options of two direct mail companies: Vistaprint, an international company offering everything from direct mail to online marketing, and QuantumPostcards, an Austin-based direct mail company serving businesses nationwide.

What targeting options does Vistaprint offer?

Vistaprint offers a variety of targeting options. You can choose to upload your own mailing list – for example, a list of your past and current customers – as your direct mail campaign’s target.

You can also rent a mailing list from Vistaprint. Vistaprint sources its mailing lists from AccuData, a third-party market research company. These lists let you target customers in a specific region, neighborhood, income bracket and more.

Vistaprint’s targeting options allow you to connect with your existing customers or leads easily. They also allow you to target certain demographics in a broad way, as their lists are sourced from a third-party market research company.

What targeting options do QuantumPostcards offer?

QuantumPostcards offer an even wider range of targeting options. Not only can you send postcards to your current customer list; you can also target addresses based on more than 50 additional targeting criteria.

Both Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) mailing lists are available for QuantumPostcards customers. Each mailing list option can be customized to reach only the perfect demographic for your offer. You can target based on age, gender and marital status, as well as:

· Estimated household income

· Homeowner/renter status

· Credit Card Usage

· Specific Property Type

· Year Home Built

View the full list of B2C targeting options available for direct mail marketing here. If you need to reach a specific, highly targeted audience with your direct mail message, QuantumPostcards has a list to suit you.

QuantumPostcards also offers a variety of B2B targeting options. Target your B2B direct mail campaign based on a company’s credit rating, sales volume, employee headcount, PC usage, and a wide range of other factors you can view here.

Why targeting should be the focus of your direct mail campaign

It’s easy to obsess over the perfect headline or the ideal color scheme for your direct mail postcard and forget that targeting is often far more important. In fact, targeting can be the difference between a massively successful campaign and a major loss.

No matter how much marketing firepower your company has at its disposal, you’ll never hit your target without the right aim. Think carefully about who your target audience is and how they can be most efficiently reached through direct mail.

Whether your company is B2B or B2C, small and growing or large and established, making targeting a focus of your next direct mail marketing campaign will help you achieve the greatest return on investment for your marketing dollar.

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