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How to Create a Neighborhood Offer and Get Noticed

April 16, 2015

If you are considering ways to increase your profit and get more customers in the door, you ought to consider tapping into your nearby or surrounding neighborhoods for new business.

Many consumers choose to visit and support businesses that are in close proximity to their home or work, so sending custom postcards to your neighbors who have yet to visit your store can help to accelerate the growth of your profit and business.

There are many ways to use your close proximity to a neighborhood to acquire new customers, as well as reach out to lapsed ones. Discover three ways you can create a neighborhood or local offer using custom postcards to draw in potential new customers and re engage existing ones.

Show that you're close to home

We all appreciate convenience, so reminding your neighbors just how close your location is to them can help to encourage their first visit. Include a small map on your postcard displaying how close your business is to the recipient’s home or office to serve as a reminder that your business is the convenient choice that’s close to them.

Let’s say for instance you own a tire sales and repair shop, you can send a customized postcard to your neighbors with a map and include something like:

“Half of all car accidents happen half of a mile from home, we’re right around the corner to keep you and your family safe.”

This is a great way to connect with your surrounding neighbors, show just how close your business is to the neighborhood, and keep your business at the front of your potential new customer's mind.

Offer an exclusive deal

Many small businesses like to give those who live or work in the neighborhood exclusive discounts such as “service industry discounts” or “local discounts,” to show their appreciation for their business and support.

You can take a similar approach with your postcard campaign by offering a special discount to a particular neighborhood or community to tap into that area and encourage new potential customers to visit your store. Because direct mail postcards have a longer shelf life than other marketing materials, your postcard will likely be held on to longer and serve as a visual reminder of your businesses products or services.

First-time discounts as well as continuing discounts for neighbors and local patrons work well to get new customers in the door and help to convert them into loyal, returning customers.

Be part of the community

If your business is in, or on the outskirts of a neighborhood or suburb, it’s important to be aware of local happenings such as community get togethers, meetings, and events. Use these neighborhood events as relevant reasons to send out postcards and remind recipients that you’re their helpful neighborhood store.

If the neighborhood nearby is having an upcoming “neighborhood watch” meeting, you could send a customized postcard to those living in the neighborhood saying something like,

“Your neighborhood is our neighborhood. Let’s work together to keep it safe and beautiful.”

In this example, there is no special discount or promotion, but instead a reminder that your small business cares about the community and those who live in it. A postcard like this will keep your business top of mind with your potential customers and show them that you’re also invested in the community.

Sending your neighbors a special offer or discount using direct mail is a great way to attract new potential customers and show that your business is a part of the community.

Get started on your neighborhood custom postcards, here!