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How to Design the Perfect Magnet

January 31, 2020

You’ve printed postcards, brochures, and flyers, and you’re interested in trying something a little different with your business or organization’s marketing strategy. One fun, out-of-the box option? Magnets. As they serve a utilitarian purpose, magnets are potentially one of the more evergreen pieces of marketing collateral available, likely to literally hang around, for a while, in the homes of your audience — and seen by all of the who go in and out the door. And car magnets? Talk about a large reach!

As such, magnets are a great way to raise awareness of your business or organization and build brand recognition. Give them as gifts to your loyal customers, hand them out to new prospects, or simply pass them around to friends and family. Since they’re small, you can easily tote a few with you at all times for giving to those you interact with in life.

Are you convinced about moving forward with designing a magnet for your business or organization? Keep these key considerations in mind.

Remember that magnets are tiny.

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s an important one. Magnet sizes include business card size (3.5” x 2”), standard size (5.5” x 4.25”), and car size (11” x 17”). Regardless of size, however, a magnet only allows for so many elements to be included. Cram too much info onto your magnet, and your text will likely be so small that it will be illegible for anyone trying to read. Stick to one main point or call-to-action, rather than trying to tell a story on your magnet. Prioritize. You just don’t have the room for anything else!

They’ll also be read from far away.

Magnets are often stuck onto fridges, and accordingly, are often read from several feet away, from across a room, or while passing someone on the road. That means that the main point on your magnet should be LARGE. Print out a couple of test magnets and tack them to the wall across the room from you. Can you read the main point? If not, make the font larger or change it up altogether. Some fonts are more readable than others — make sure that the text on your magnet is as clear as possible.

Make your magnets “sticky” — and no, we don’t mean their backs.

In marketing, making something “sticky” means ensuring that it has lasting power and is memorable. If the goal is to encourage people to place your magnets on their fridge or their car, they better have long-term appeal. Ask a friend or colleague to assess your magnet. Would they place it in their home?

As a general rule, keep color schemes simple.

Particularly for magnets on the small end of the spectrum, it’s a good idea to stick to a simple color scheme with a few key colors rather than incorporating multiple colors. Again, people will likely be viewing your magnets from far away or in passing, rather than taking a detailed look at them, so there’s no need for a complex color palette. Keep it simple!

There you have it. A few of our tips and tricks for designing an engaging magnet. When you’re ready to make an order, don’t forget about QuantumPostcards. Magnet printing is included in our services, and we can also print a variety of other marketing pieces to fit all of your needs.