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How to Set Your Business Apart From its Competitors Using Postcards

August 3, 2015

Stand out with small business postcards

Each and every day, the average American views, hears, and reads more than 2,000 different advertisements. Is it any wonder that, given the chance, most people tune out to advertising instead of paying attention? 

As a business, standing out as an engaging, interesting signal amongst the constant noise of other advertisers is difficult. With all that noise, how can you ensure your target audience hears your message? 

More so, how can you reach out to your target audience and make it clear that your message is worth their time? 

The answer is refreshingly simple: you need to show your target audience exactly how your product or service is better than and different from what’s being offered by your competitors. 

It sounds simple, but putting this answer into practice is more challenging than it seems. With so many products, services and marketing messages out there, what unique factors can you use to market yours? 

One way is to focus on a unique selling point of your product. Step into a grocery store and make your way to the cereal aisle – you’ll see box after box of products that are almost identical, each marketed using a different unique selling point: 

  • Wheaties is the “breakfast of champions.”
  • Post Raisin Bran has “two scoops of raisins.”
  • Crispix cereal “stays crispy in milk.”

To an alien, the different types of cereal would be almost impossible to distinguish from each other. But to your target audience, each has its own unique benefit that makes it a better choice than the others. 

What unique selling point does your product or service have that its competitors don’t? Focusing on your product or service’s unique selling point is an extremely effective way to differentiate it from its competitors.

Sometimes the way you market your business is all it takes to set it apart from its competitors. While your competitors are focused on online marketing, you could connect with your target audience offline using business postcards.

This way, your target audience encounters advertisements from your competitors alongside their email inbox or on websites, whereas your message makes its way into their home via the mailbox.

Online marketing is ubiquitous to the point that many people tune it out entirely, ignoring promotional emails and banner ads. Receiving a direct mail postcard, on the other hand, has become an event. 

While direct mail is one of the most effective ways to set your business apart from its competitors, it isn’t the only way. There are numerous ways your business can stand out from the crowd: 

  • While your competitors spend their advertising budget on email marketing campaigns and banner ads, hire a sales team to connect with customers in person at your local mall.
  • While your competitors focus on the features of their products, make your advertising talk about the unique benefits your product offers that others don’t.
  • While your competitors spread their message far and wide through untargeted direct mail campaigns, focus on building a real connection to your audience by mailing to a smaller, more targeted list at a higher frequency. 

In marketing, the key to standing out is often to be different. From a unique selling point to a creative direct mail campaign, how can your business set its product or service apart from the competition?