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​How To Use Posters to Capture Walk-in Retail Traffic

September 21, 2015

Mar 16, 2016 10:29:56 PM

Although direct mail is a great marketing tactic for retailers, it's far from the only way to attract retail traffic. From radio advertising to signage, a there are a wide variety of marketing techniques that are highly effective for retail businesses.

One of the best ways to capture walk-in traffic for your retail store is through the use of signs and posters. A well-placed poster can catch the attention of passersby and encourage them to step into your store.

Is your retail business using posters as effectively as it could? Read on to discover how your retail business can use signage and posters to attract attention, capture walk-in traffic and complement its other marketing efforts.

Use similar designs to your direct mail campaigns

Did you know that you can easily use retail posters to complement your direct mail efforts? Design posters that match your direct mail campaign and you'll make it easy for recipients of your direct mail postcards to enter your store.

The more familiar people are with your marketing message and brand, the greater the chance of them entering your retail store. Increase people's familiarity using a direct mail campaign, then use matching signs to draw them into your retail store.

Promote a sale, new product or special event

Do you have a sale coming up? As well as using direct mail to promote your sale to your target audience, use window signs and in-store posters to let your customers and passersby know about the great deals you have on offer.

As well as promoting sales, you can also promote new products, upcoming services or special events using retail posters. Since posters target your existing customers, they're great for building loyalty and encouraging people to keep coming back.

Strengthen your brand using window posters

In marketing, familiarity and trust typically go hand in hand. The more familiar your target audience is with your brand, whether through advertising or media coverage, the more likely they are to trust it.

One of the most effective ways to strengthen trust in your brand is through constant exposure and repetition. When people are exposed to your brand frequently, it goes from an unknown factor into something they're familiar with.

Window posters, which promote your brand to people that pass your store, are the ideal tools for strengthening your brand. Deliver a clear message of the value your business offers to passersby to gradually increase their trust in your brand.

Use posters to direct shoppers inside your store

The first challenge of retail direct marketing is encouraging customers to step into your store. The second, and often harder, challenge is to encourage them to make a purchase after stepping inside.

This is where posters can be used to great effective. As well as promoting your store or offer, retail posters can be used to direct prospective customers inside your retail store and lead them towards highly appealing products.

From promoting your top-selling products to directing shoppers towards your latest sale, posters are often far more effective inside your retail store than they are when used in window displays and outdoor advertising.