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How to Use Technology to Increase Postcard Engagement

June 4, 2015

Who says direct mail isn’t high tech? From QR codes to personalized URLs, today’s direct marketers use modern technology to enhance their campaigns and increase response rates.

From offering recipients more ways to respond to an offer to providing an online resource to accompany an offline direct mail postcard, technology can be used to enhance almost any direct mail campaign.

Using modern technology to complement and improve your campaign is one of the most effective ways to increase your response rate and generate a higher ROI from each mailing.

Discover three simple but effective ways that you can use technology to improve your campaign’s response rate, better engage your target audience, and more easily track the results of your direct mail campaign.


Use QR codes to give recipients an additional way to respond

One of the easiest ways to increase your campaign’s response rate is to offer a wider variety of ways for recipients to respond. Direct mail marketers have done this for a long time using phone numbers, mailing addresses and retail locations.

Since more than two thirds of Americans now own a smartphone, one of the easiest ways to increase your response rate is by using QR codes. QR codes are small codes, similar to a square barcode, that people can scan using their smart devices.

By scanning a QR code, the recipient can be directed straight to your company’s website, to a customized landing page, or to a brochure offering more information on your offer and engaging, persuasive copy encouraging them to take action.

Add personalized URLs to each card to track responses in detail 

Personalized URLs, which are also known as pURLS, are customized URLs that allow you to track the response of each recipient of your campaign using digital analytics software.

By providing a personalized URL for each customer to respond to, you can learn the exact percentage of people that respond to your campaign by visiting your website, filling in your checkout form, or completing a purchase.

You can also learn more about the ways in which people respond, such as the time they spend on your website and their geographical location. This valuable data can help you optimize your campaign and improve your response rate and profitability.


Link recipients to your online store or an informational resource

Sometimes, the best implementations of technology on direct marketing postcards are refreshingly simple. Adding a URL to your company’s website on each postcard is an excellent way to give users more information about your offer.

This is particularly helpful for high-ticket products and services, which tend to need a longer sales process than simple offers. Directing recipients to your website gives them the opportunity to learn more about your offer before they take action.

From a long, detailed sales page to an interactive video of your product, it also gives you the opportunity to show off your product and explain its benefits in far greater detail than a direct mail postcard alone allows for.


How can you use technology to improve your direct mail campaign?

From adding a URL to your postcards to implementing a QR code as a call to action, there are numerous ways to use technology to improve your campaign. Which is the best option for your business?