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It's Never Too Late to Promote Your Special Event

May 25, 2015

Does your business have a special event coming up? When you need to promote an event or sale on short notice, it’s easy to assume that traditional marketing methods like direct mail aren’t suitable.

After all, doesn’t it take time to print and mail event flyers or postcards? Thanks to modern printing technology, it’s actually possible to create, print, and mail custom postcards, flyers, and other marketing materials in very little time.

How long does it take to launch a direct mail campaign?

From design to delivery, launching a direct mail campaign can take very little time at all. In fact, it’s possible to print and deliver your postcards by the next business day, as long as they’re received by or before 5 p.m. CST.

How far away is your business’s special event? From promotional parties to special sales, if your business has at least two days before its next event, it has enough time to design, print, and deliver its direct mail postcards or promotional flyers.

How to quickly design the perfect marketing poster

If you need to promote an event in a hurry, there’s generally not enough time to hire a professional designer. Luckily, a variety of online design tools make it surprisingly easy to design your own professional poster in very little time.

One of the most popular online design tools, Canva, lets you quickly and easily piece together a customized event poster in as little as 30 minutes. Here’s how:

Create your canvas

Start by creating your canvas. For an event poster, you can use the “Poster” option in Canva to create your background. If you’re designing a postcard, you’ll need to use a custom canvas with the dimensions of your printed postcard.

Choose a template

Canva includes hundreds of great templates for you to use in your posters, flyers, or postcards. We’ve selected “The Grand Lotus Pavilion” – a custom template that suits real estate, home renovations, and other lifestyle-related offers.

You can also create a custom template using Canva’s backgrounds and shapes. Doing this is a little more time consuming than using a pre-made template, but it’s a better choice if you want to have complete control over your poster’s style.

Add your content

Now it’s time to add your content. We’ve deleted the standard background and used a relaxing image of grass on a blue background. We’ve also changed the heading text to mention the event and added a descriptive subheading.

To change text on Canva, just click the element and edit it as if you’re using a word processor. To add more text, select “Add subtitle text” from the sidebar and drag the text box into place on the canvas.

Export your design

Once you’ve finished editing, it’s time to export your design. Click “Download” in the top navigational bar and select “High Quality PDF” to export an image to use in print.

Prepare for your event

Once you’ve prepared your design, send it to our printing team for delivery the next working day. Orders received before 5 p.m. CST are generally processed and mailed the next business day, meaning it’s never too late to promote your special event.

With your flyers or postcards in the printing and delivery process, it’s time to start preparing for your event. Focus on making sure your business is 100% ready while we focus on printing and delivering your postcards.