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New Homeowner vs. New Mover Lists: Which One Is Right For Me?

June 11, 2015

If your business is looking to attract new customers, tapping into new neighbors or residents nearby can be a great way to acquire new business and increase revenue.

New homeowner and new mover lists offer opportunities to market your product or service to a fresh set of eyes and ears, and hopefully convert them into long-lasting, returning customers.

There are many reasons why you as a business owner should use a new homeowner or new mover list, and many of them are based on the nature of the service or product your business provides. So, how do you know which list is right for you and your business?

Discover the benefits behind new homeowner and new mover lists to help you decide which list best suits your business.

New Homeowner lists

A new homeowner list is made up exclusively of people who have just recently purchased a home. This type of list can be a great choice because as people move into their newly purchased home, they need many different products or services to turn their empty house into a comfortable home.

With a new homeowner list, you can most effectively market home and yard improvement services, as these residents own their home and are responsible for and more invested in maintaining the quality of the property. Additionally, it's typically best to market high-end services or those with longer sales cycles to homeowners. So if your business offers a home improvement service, you can create a targeted offer and combine it with a new homeowner list to attract those most likely to have purchasing power.

New Mover lists

Like the new homeowner list, the new mover list captures those who have just purchased a home. The big difference is that the new mover list also includes new renters of homes, apartments, and condos. While these individuals may also need many services and products to complete their move, new movers are less likely to invest in home improvement services, and are much more likely to purchase decor for their new space.

If your business sells home related products, use this list as an opportunity to target new movers in your area and offer a special on their first purchase. Moving is an expensive life event so offering a small discount on a purchase can be all that it takes to get people to take action and choose your business over your competitors.

Why they work

People are constantly moving and this life event presents a wonderful opportunity to market your small business to new residents or families that move in near your store. These individuals are typically new to the area and at first will rely heavily on stores and services that are in close proximity to their new home. So if your business is located near a suburb or neighborhood, you can send custom postcards to new homeowners and movers that are still shopping around for their favorite store or service provider to hopefully gain a lifelong customer.

Which mailing list is right for your next postcard campaign?