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Our Top 5 Most Popular Blog Posts

January 13, 2017

As we and other businesses begin rolling our plans for the new year, it's important to reflect on what we've done well and where we can improve. The following 5 blog posts fall in the "what we've done well" category as they've been the most popular with our readers. With topics relating to direct mail, business cards, and integrating with technology - we bet you'll learn something new to help you stand out among your competition!

#5 How to Use Technology to Make Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign More Successful

It's impossible to ignore the prevalence of technology in the world of marketing today. Whether you embrace or shy away from it, there's little doubting its effectiveness. For any company looking to increase the performance of their own direct mail marketing campaigns, the use of various forms of technology might just hold all the answers. Read more

#4 When to Include “Or Current Resident” on Postcard

When you send a direct mail postcard campaign, how can you make sure you don’t mail to names and addresses that are out of date?

There are several ways to ensure your message reaches the right addresses. One of the most effective ways is to make sure you use a mailing list that’s recent and 100% up to date, as opposed to an older mailing list that may contain out-of-date entries. Read more

#3 How to DIY Your Own Business Card Design Using Canva

A great business card can open doors, help you build your personal network, and set your company apart from its competition. A poor business card, on the other hand, could do the exact opposite, locking you out of potential sales and partnerships. Read more

#2 Why Do Some of My Mailed Postcards Have Smudges or Scuff Marks?

These smudges and rub or scuff marks have been referred to as “postcard (or mail) survivability.” Meaning, how well does the postcard survive while traveling through the high-speed rollers and sorting systems of the United States Postal Service (USPS)? Read more

#1 The Ultimate Guide to Direct Mail

This guide was designed to give our readers a comprehensive overview of direct mail as an advertising medium and how it can be used by businesses to maximize their company's profit potential. In it we outline what direct mail marketing is, how to successfully deploy mail as part of an integrated marketing campaign, and what the future holds for direct mail and marketing as a whole. Read more