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QuantumPostcards vs. Every Door Direct Mail: Which is Easier to Use?

September 26, 2014

QuantumPostcards vs USPS Every Door Direct Mail

Are you planning a direct mail campaign for your small business? Whether your goal is to generate leads or inspire people to take action and buy your product, direct mail postcards are great tools for achieving your marketing goals.

One of the biggest reasons small business owners avoid using direct mail marketing is due to mistaken concern over its complexity and difficulty. Since it involves visual design, printing and mailing logistics, it must be difficult… right?

Luckily, direct mail marketing isn’t just remarkably effective at generating leads and sales – it’s also remarkably easy to use, provided you work with the right direct mail marketing company.

In this guide, we’ll compare two direct mail companies – Every Door Direct Mail and QuantumPostcards – to learn which is the most efficient and straightforward option for your next direct mail postcard marketing campaign.

Breaking down the Every Door Direct Mail process

Every Door Direct Mail is a direct mailing service offered by the United States Postal Service. It’s an inexpensive option for businesses interested in saturating an entire postal route with their postcards, but it’s a bit of a hassle to use.

Launching a campaign with Every Door Direct Mail can be quite complicated. First, you’ll need to design and print your postcards yourself. If you’re not a designer or don’t have one on staff, you’ll need to hire a print designer on contract.

Once you’ve hired a graphic designer, you’ll need to pass on your specifications and make sure they comply with the Every Door Direct Mail guidelines. These guidelines are far from simple – in fact, they cover everything from dimensions to thickness.

You’ll then need to print your postcards, bundle them into groups of 50, attach the facing slip with postal route information to each bundle, complete the paperwork required to launch the campaign and, finally, deliver them to the post office.

Sound a little too complicated? While Every Door Direct Mail lets you saturate postal routes in their entirety, the process of launching a direct mail campaign isn’t exactly streamlined or stress-free.

Understanding the QuantumPostcards process

Compared to the Every Door Direct Mail process, planning and launching a direct mail marketing campaign with QuantumPostcards is a breeze. In fact, it’s so quick and simple that you might not even believe it’s possible at first.

First, you’ll need to upload your postcard design via the QuantumPostcards website or smartphone app. Once you’ve uploaded your postcard design, you’ll select the list you’d like to mail to or choose one of QuantumPostcards’ own mailing lists.

Then – and this is the hardest step – you’ll need to sit back and relax while focusing on what’s most important for your business as QuantumPostcards manages every aspect of your direct mail campaign for you.

That’s right – the entire process only takes two steps! As well as offering far greater targeting options than Every Door Direct Mail, QuantumPostcards offers a campaign launch and management process that’s effortlessly simple.

Henry David Thoreau had two words that guided his life: “Simplify, simplify.” When you choose QuantumPostcards for your next direct mail campaign, you’ll struggle to find any way to make the process any simpler.