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Retail Boutique Postcard Marketing Ideas and Inspiration

August 10, 2015

Retail Boutique Postcard Marketing Ideas and Inspiration

Would you like to increase sales and create attention for your retail boutique? The most successful retailers don’t wait for customers to come to them – instead, they use marketing channels like direct mail to communicate with their customers.

When used effectively, direct mail can be an extremely profitable marketing channel for your retail boutique. The key to a successful campaign is a compelling offer that gives recipients a reason to become interested in your store.

From exclusive discounts to a brand new collection, a wide range of offers can help your direct mail postcard campaign achieve its goals. Read on to discover four ideas for your retail boutique’s next direct mail marketing campaign.

Offer an exclusive discount for first-time customers

Effective retailing is all about building a relationship with your customers, and every relationship needs to begin somewhere. Offer an exclusive discount for people that visit your store for the first time and you’ll attract the interest of your audience.

The goal of a first-time customer discount isn’t necessarily to draw people into your store, since not every recipient will visit. Instead, the goal is to make your audience aware of your store and, more importantly, aware that you care about them.

By showing that you value their business, you don’t just increase awareness of your new retail boutique – you show recipients that you’re ready to welcome them with a fantastic offer.

Market your customer loyalty program to local residents

Customer loyalty programs are fantastic tools for encouraging customers to return to your retail store after making a purchase. They’re also perfectly suited to custom direct mail postcards.

Customize your direct mail postcards to list the status of a customer’s account and make them aware of any upcoming offers or discounts that they can claim based on their spending habits.

You can also use customer loyalty programs to welcome new customers into your retail store. Try sending an invitation to local residents offering them a discount or special offer – it may encourage them to join your retail loyalty program.

Promote and publicize your party or special event

Parties, lunches and other special events are great ways to generate attention for your retail store. Since they attract customers and generate buzz, they’re offer an excellent blend of direct marketing action and word-of-mouth attention.

From upcoming holidays to the release of a new product, there are lots of events that you can use as reasons to host a party. Add an exclusive offer for guests and you’ll attract even more attention – and, in some cases, plenty of sales.

Like customer loyalty programs, parties and special events offer several benefits, from making your existing customers feel like part of an exclusive community to giving your business a great way to create real word-of-mouth coverage.

Talk about the latest products you’ve got available for sale

Has your retail boutique recently received a new collection? Has one of your top designers or suppliers released something new and exciting? A great way to put your store in the spotlight is to talk about your latest products and collections.

This type of direct mail marketing works best when targeted to an audience of existing customers. Reach out to talk about your latest products and there’s a significant chance your existing customers will return to purchase them.

Since the goal of this type of campaign is to bring returning customers back into your store, it’s worth highlighting your most remarkable products – once they’re back in the store, they may spot something else that they’re also interested in.