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Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics: A Marketing Opportunity for Insurance Agents

February 17, 2014

Winter Olympics Anyone involved with the insurance industry realizes reaching out to potential new clients is always a must. Sometimes, a prospect just needs a little help. People may realize they need life or health insurance, but they may not be sure from which insurance provider to acquire a policy. An agent who takes advantage of postcard marketing strategies just might be able to draw in quite a number of new clients. This year’s Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics has opened a door for health and life insurance policy sellers to launch new marketing campaigns based on the sentiments surrounding the games.

It might seem surprising to think the Olympics can lead some to think about health and life insurance. As soon as you examine the connection between the two, it just might become clear the Winter Games open opportunities to explore postcard marketing strategies. Or, pay attention to the commercials that air during the games - many large corporations such as Nationwide Insurance are leveraging the opportunity, linking their products and brands to the games. We don’t know about you, but some of the sporting events - while certainly exciting - are a little nerve-racking to watch! Hopefully all of the participants have excellent insurance.

The 2014 Winter Olympics are In Full Swing

There are certain things in life people truly look forward to. This month, many are glued to their televisions watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Watching the Olympics can help millions of people get their mind off of a lot of difficult responsibilities in life and concentrate on things that are both leisurely and enjoyable. People from all walks of life and professions might find sitting in front of the television watching the 2014 Winter Olympics gives them diversions from long work days.

For insurance agents, the Winter Olympics just might give them food for thought. Not everyone might connect the Olympics to life and health insurance, but entrepreneurial minded insurance agents and brokers likely look at the Olympic games and see opportunity. In particular, those watching the games might look at all the advertising on display and realize a smart, innovative advertising campaign could help draw in new clients looking for insurance policies.

The events might even lead some in the audience to drift their thoughts towards the value of insurance.

The Olympics inspire quite a number of people around the globe. The inspiration is not going to be solely limited to taking up a new sport. The great inspiration the athletes on display present can help some feel motivated to take better care of themselves, start a business, continue their education, and more. Quite honestly, the Olympics could be the impetus to lead some to start thinking more about their health and financial well being.

Feelings About the Necessity of Insurance

The truth is, as much as we don’t like to think about it, life is fragile. Those who take part in the Olympic Games are risking their lives. Yes, rules and safety equipment reduce the chances of injury for the athletes, however not all risk is eliminated. A downhill skier, for example, could be seriously hurt if a jump goes wrong. Even if such a tragic event never occurs, the spectacle of watching it occur may weigh heavy on the minds of those in the audience.

More than a few audience members watching the games might think about the need for health and life insurance. Others might think about how uncertain the future can be, but they might not be completely sure how to go about making it more secure for their families. This is where a life insurance broker can step in and offer help and guidance. Direct marketing can aid in opening a door with a new client.

Life insurance serves quite a number of valuable benefits. The bills of a household can be covered for an extended period of time. Funeral expenses can be paid. Even college tuition and the costs associated with running a business might be handled thanks to a life insurance payout.

Often, clients have very limited insight into how life insurance can help them. It is up to the insurance agent to educate prospects about the benefits of a policy. This is where postcard marketing can prove to be immensely helpful. Warm lead responses from postcards can set the stage for an insurance agent to take the next step and set up an in person meeting.

Why Postcards Are a Smart Direct Marketing Tool

The mere fact that postcard marketing involves physically mailing something out is automatically a huge plus. Far too many insurance agents rely too much on email lead generation. In truth, this is a phenomenon that befalls businesses in all industry sectors. No one is suggesting there is anything wrong with email marketing, but sending a postcard can deliver the strong impact electronic mail lacks, as there is now much more clutter in the inbox than in the mailbox.

For one, postcards show the insurance broker is putting a lot more time, money, and effort into a marketing plan than someone who is merely sending out mass electronic messages. Marketing is all about psychology and receiving something as tangible as a postcard can definitely lead the recipient to take the message seriously and, at the very least, have a seed planted about the value of insurance.

The process is not a difficult one. Step number one is acquiring a list of addresses from a reliable lead provider, or using a list-included ordering platform such as QuantumPostcards. The next step is crafting a smart and to the point message noting the importance of acquiring life or health insurance. Last, a call to action on the postcards should direct the recipient online to find our more, or contact the insurance office to set up a meeting.

Using the Olympics as a Postcard Theme

Timely messages have far greater impact as they bring relevance to communications. The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics is an example of a time in which an Olympic-themed postcard will stand out even more in the mailbox. There are a number of positive images associated with the games. The minute someone picks up a postcard bearing images from the Winter Games, a positive sentiment is likely to be felt. Drawings or photos of skiers, bobsledders, and snowboarders can capture attention and do so in a very sentimental manner.

Now that your postcard has garnered the recipients visual attention in a positive light, the likelihood that the recipient will read your message and take action is increased, resulting in warm lead generation.