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Target Your Ideal Customer With The Right Mailing List

May 18, 2015

Sending postcards to neighbors of your small business is an effective and budget friendly way for you to establish new connections and reconnect with people in your town, city, or neighborhood.

As a business owner, you probably want to target a specific area of town, a neighborhood, or group of people to bring in new business and increase sales...but how do you get all of those addresses? Go door to door? Look them up online?

Overtime, you can build a relevant mailing list by asking each customer for their address upon visiting your store or website. Building a list this way can be time consuming, difficult, and in the end only supplies you with a list of established customers.

To reach out to a whole new set of potential customers, you’ll need a targeted mailing list. We provide various mailing list types when ordering your postcards to help target your ideal customers and send postcards to those who will benefit most from your offer.

Discover the four mailing list types we offer and how to know which one is right for your direct mail campaign.

Consumer Mailing Lists

If you want to promote your businesses products or services to a particular type of consumer in your area, then a consumer mailing list might be right for you. With a consumer mailing list you can identify and narrow down possible recipients based on customized qualities like behaviors, lifestyle, location, income, and more. Using these lifestyle and demographic filters, you can target your ideal new customer with an offer that is relevant and timely for them.

The consumer mailing lists we provide have a 94% deliverable guarantee meaning that you don’t have to worry about your postcards not making it to their destination based on bad or outdated addresses.

Knowing behaviors, interests, or other socioeconomic information about the people that support your business is helpful when choosing a consumer mailing list so some research might be required on your end to find out what kind of consumer you currently have, and the kind you want to attract with your direct mail campaign.

Business Mailing Lists

Are you looking to target other business owners in your city with your direct mail? If so, a business mailing list is the best option for you. Business mailing lists allow you to send your postcards to large and small businesses in the area of your choice.

The database has over 22 million business records collected to help you choose businesses that would benefit from your service or product. With this tool you can narrow down postcard recipients based on things like the number of years the company has been in business, location type, number of employees, sales volume, and square footage.

Before choosing your list, carefully consider which types of businesses and business owners you want to target to make sure you are sending to the right recipients.

New Mover and Homeowner Lists

Does your business offer a service that people use when moving into or out of a home? If so, a new mover or homeowner list can be a great way to gain recognition and new business. New mover lists consist of new homeowners and renters which you can tailor to make more specific by including the area or zip code you wish you target.

The new homeowner lists are very similar to new movers except they only include people who have just purchased a home. As people buy and move into a new home, they are more likely to purchase items or services to either facilitate their move, or compliment their new home.

Use these opportunities to market your product or service with an appealing offer to win their business and support.

These four mailing list types can help zoom in on your ideal customer and recipient to make sure the right people receive your offer and learn about your business. For the best results and return on investment it’s critical to identify your audience and ideal customer before choosing the mailing list that’s right for your direct mail campaign.

Get started with your next postcard campaign, today!