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Target Your Perfect Customer With a Consumer Mailing List

June 8, 2015

So, you've decided to begin a direct mail campaign for your small business. Awesome! Direct mail is a great way to reach new customers, or reconnect with past or lapsed ones - all while not breaking the bank.

In order for your postcard campaign to succeed and generate the kind of ROI you’re looking for, you need to know who to send your postcards to. Analyzing your customer base and identifying a set of characteristics that closely describes your current and desired customers is a good start, but how do you get all of your prospects' addresses?

With every postcard order, you are able to pull from our list of over 200 million consumers to find the perfect audience for your postcard campaign. Learn how you can target your perfect customer with consumer mailing lists available on QuantumPostcards.

Getting Started

Once you have planned and decided on your postcard layout and design, choose the size and type of postcard and click “order”. You are brought to a screen and asked to input the name of your campaign, along with some other important information shown below.

In the field that is listed as “Address List Type” you must select the consumer list in order to choose your ideal audience further down in the ordering process. This will give you the option to choose from a variety of demographic and lifestyle filters to generate your perfect consumer list. Once you’ve selected the consumer list type, click “Get Started” to move forward in the order.

On the following page, you’ll be asked to modify your design by inputting the text of your offer or promotion. Complete all fields with concise and engaging text and be aware of the character limit for each field. After you have completed this page and moved on, you’ll begin creating your customized consumer list.

Create your consumer list - Geographic Areas

This page is where you will start to create your perfect consumer list. If you own a business that serves the local, surrounding areas, select “Enter Individual Zip Codes” where you can input up to 25 different zip codes of your choice.

If you service different cities, counties, or states you can select the option that best fits your business and marketing goals. Once you’ve selected the option that most closely aligns with your business, select next to move forward.

Create your consumer list - Demographic Selection

After selecting the areas or zip codes, you are brought to a demographic selection page where you can narrow down your custom postcards list based on homeowners, renters, and things your prospects have in common. For the most targeted list like the one we are creating, you’ll want to select the “Customize by Demographics, Lifestyles, and Purchase Behavior".

Once you’ve selected the “Customize by Demographics” option, you can now start selecting specific audience specifications that will narrow down your list to include only the people who will benefit most from your message.

For example purposes, let’s say we are the owner of a lawn care company that is promoting a special lawn treatment to homeowners in a particular area. Based on who our current customers are, and who we are looking to target as new customers, we have built a customized set of filters to generate a highly targeted list. In the example we are looking for middle aged homeowners who make approximately $50,000-$99,000 and have lived at their residence for at least 2 years. These are the demographic specifications that work best for our particular business example, but based on your clientele and the nature of your service or product, your list could look much different.

Evaluate and adjust your list

Once you’ve gone through all of the options and have chosen the filters that represent your ideal recipients, you can click “next” to view the consumer list generated based on your demographic selection. If you’re pleased with your list, you can proceed to checkout and complete your order. If you feel that you want to adjust your list by narrowing or widening your audience, you can do so by going back and altering the selection of demographic criteria.

As shown in the example, the criteria set of our lawn care business generated a list of 310 people within the four zip codes entered. If this appears to be not enough or too many recipients, it's possible to go back and reselect the demographic information for a larger or smaller turn out.

Target your most viable prospects using a custom consumer list for your next direct mail postcards campaign.

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