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Why We Love Canva

May 21, 2015

A beautiful image and design that compliment your marketing materials can make a positive impact on how your brand is perceived, and how your product or service performs among its competitors.

It’s helpful to have a designer in house to create these images but when the budget doesn’t allow for a graphic designer, there are ways to create beautiful images without the professional price tag.

Canva is a great option for business owners and the do-it-yourself kind that want to create quality graphics to market themselves or their businesses.

Learn why we love Canva and how it empowers the everyday business owner.

Free to be creative

Not only is Canva free to use, but it’s also so user friendly that anyone can create visually appealing content in a reasonable amount of time.

Once you sign up you are presented with a variety of layouts for your design. From social media posts, to fliers, to business cards, there are numerous templates to choose from. Canva also allows you to create your own custom design but for those who aren’t very design savvy, the templates work very well and are easy to use.

Once you pick the layout of your design, you can select images of your own and upload them to Canva, or purchase stock photos from Canva’s library. The average image cost is typically a dollar which is much more affordable than other stock photo websites’ prices.

Customize your design

Do you have a vision for your poster or brochure but don’t know where or how to get started? Canva is great for inspiring your design ideas and giving examples of how to execute a particular style or look, even if you don't necessarily have an eye for design. You can browse through the preformatted poster or flyer designs for creative inspiration for your own marketing materials, or even utilize one of their templates.

After you’re satisfied with the layout and focal image, personalize and brand your piece with your company’s logo so you can use it to market your upcoming offer, sale, or promotion.

You can also choose the text option to add content to your design and adjust the color and size to create text that stands out and attracts the reader. You can use the preformatted text options for more eye-catching content layout by selecting the style of your choice and replace the sample text with your original content.

With engaging text and your logo or icon included in the design, your image will be recognizable and eye catching...all without the help of a designer!

Print your design

Once you’ve completed your creation in Canva, you are ready to download your design and send it off for printing. If you chose to use images or text design from Canva’s library, you’ll be required to purchase those items in order to remove the watermarks and own the design. After you’ve purchased and downloaded your design you can upload it to be printed as a flyer, poster, brochure, or postcard.

You can also post your design to your social media pages directly from Canva using the “share” option in the top right corner. This makes integrating your social media and hard marketing materials a breeze!

Create your own marketing materials for your next promotion today!